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  1. Project evaluation, research and feasibility studies.
  2. All phases of design through construction documents; traditional, contemporary, and modern.
  3. All aspects of client relations from initial meetings through post-construction.
  4. Coordination of all consultants; i.e., surveyor, soils, civil, structural, mechanical/energy, interior design, et cetera.
  5. Working with local jurisdictions to define and obtain all necessary approvals and permits.
  6. Work primarily in custom residential, with emphasis on difficult hillside projects. Have also done multi-family, some light commercial projects, new and remodel.
  7. Having studied at Taliesin (The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture) green design is always emphasized, which Mr. Wright referred to as organic architecture.


  1. All aspects of general contracting from bidding through final completion.
  2. Have built a wide range of projects with varying types of construction, including conventional wood frame, steel frame, and structural concrete.
  3. Have built numerous hillside projects requiring complex foundation systems in one of the most demanding jurisdictions anywhere.
  4. On-site problem solving to keep projects on schedule and on budget.
  5. Dealing effectively with subcontractors, field consultants, and building officials
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