Have you ever met that perfect person? That person who makes life finally make sense?  

Well, okay, so maybe there's still a whole bunch of it that makes no sense at all, but who gives a damn about that when you've got this great person to think about?

I met that perfect person, Clair. She's everything, beautiful, intelligent, a vegetarian with a belly ring. I am so in love that that little cynical voice in my mind can't even say anything because it's too busy vomiting somewhere in the back of my head.

So, I invite her over to my house for that romantic evening - dinner, candles, wine, love - perfect.
Yeah, right.

The forces of evil are afoot and must stop this event of wonder. Okay, so maybe "the forces of evil" is not the best way to describe your family, but you haven't met my mother, it kinda fits. (When I was a kid I checked her head for the 666 tattoo once.)

It's bad enough that they have to come, over but tell me this: With a whole universe of things to talk about, why do they have to say the one thing that you don't want them to say?

Perfect. Just perfect.

















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